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Mailing Lists

Mailing lists (discussion lists) are a great way for companies to keep their customers informed of new products, offerings and specials. Individuals can share expertise, likes and dislikes of the latest movies, even what is happening this weekend at a hot, new fishing spot.
These lists can be tailored to your specific needs, including public vs. restricted mailing lists, subscription and/or post moderation, reply-to list vs reply-to sender, trailers and more. are.
You can have a mailing list as small as 15 or as big as 1500 or more.

You do NOT have be a Virtual Web Host customer to host your own mailing list(s), or even have your own domain.
It should also be noted that this service is not to be used for Unsolicited Bulk Emailings. PlantageNet terms of service prohibit UBE under any and all circumstances.
  • Up to 100 subscibers:
  • $25 Setup and $10/mo
  • Up to 250 subscibers:
  • $25 Setup and $15/mo
  • Up to 500 subscibers:
  • $25 Setup and $20/mo
  • OVER 500 subscribers:
  • Email or call us for a quote
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