Setting up a PPP connection with Mac OS 8 and 9

Mac OS 8 and 9 are probably the simplest computers to set up for an Internet connection.

1. Click on the Apple logo in the upper left hand corner of your screen and select Control Panels -> Remote Access (this was called simply "PPP" in Mac OS versions 7.5.5. to 8.0).

2. Type in you username in the form of "" and your password, both with no caps or spaces.

3. Type in the phone number you want to connect to, including the area code. Close and save those settings, then reopen to connect. You might want to create an alias to the Remote Access control panel and place it on your desktop. Do this by highlighting it, and clicking Control-M, then drag the alias to your desktop.

In Mac OS versions 9.2 and later, that is probably all you need to do. In versions up to 9.2, you will also need to make sure your DNS settings in the TCP/IP control panel are set up correctly, as follows:

4. In Control panels, open "TCP/IP.

5. Select Connect via PPP, Configure using PPP server and in the empty box at the bottom left, enter the following DNS server IP addresses, one on each line:

6. Close the TCP/IP control panel and save the settings when prompted.