Please print this page and keep it handy! Your computer will eventually crash and need to be reconfigured, or you will get a new computer and need to be reconfigured. If you print this page out AHEAD of time, you can spare yourself (and us!) another lengthy walk-through over the phone. It's really quite easy, but if you get stuck, you can always call us at (215)489-2850 during our working hours for assistance.

Instructions for Setting up Windows 95, 98 or Millenium Edition (ME) for use with PlantageNet. These Instructions assume that you have a basic working knowledge of your computer. If you do not feel confident that you do, we strongly urge you to either solicit the help of someone who does, or opt for our onsite setup, which is available for only $45, including a brief tutorial by an expert on how to use your web browser and email.

1. Double-click on "My Computer", then on "Dialup Networking". If this does not go into the setup wizard, double-click on Make New Connection. Otherwise, click Next.

2. Where you are asked to type in the name of the computer you are dialing, type in whatever you want to name the icon (such as "PIL New Hope", "PIL Philly", etc) and click next.

3. Where you are asked to type in the phone number of the computer you are dialing, type the appropriate phone number for your local calling area. Click HERE for the numbers. You should download these and print them out, or write down the one(s) that are local to you for future reference. Note that you need to dial 10 digits in Pennsylvania, even for local calls. The best way to ensure that Windows dials the area code is to leave the Area Code section blank, and put ALL 10 digits in the phone number section.

4. Click Next, then click Finish

5. You will have a new icon called "PIL xxxx" (or whatever you named it). Click on this icon once with your right mouse button and select properties. Click on Server Type and in the Advanced Options section, de-select "Log Onto Network" (this step is not needed or available with Windows ME)

6. In the Allowed Network Protocols section, de-select all protocols except TCP/IP.

7. You should now create a shortcut to the PIL icon by dragging it out to your desktop, OR by right-clicking on it and clicking "create shortcut" (and click "yes" when asked if you want the shortcut on your desktop.

8. At this point, your connection is finished. You may dial in by double clicking on the shortcut and supplying your username (BE SURE TO TYPE YOUR USERNAME IN THE FORMAT "" NO CAPS OR SPACES OR YOU WILL GET A PASSWORD ERROR!) and password in all lower case, then opening up any Internet application, such as a web browser or email package.

The email server (both POP3 and SMTP) address is and the news (NNTP) server is Call us at (215)489-2850 if you have any further questions. Our hours are 9am to 8pm M-F and 11am to 4pm Sat.